Lakeshore Advantage plans to headquarter $15.3 million incubator in the Netherlands

View of Lakeshore Advantage’s planned Next Center at 65 E. Seventh St. In the city center of Holland. Credit: Courtesy of Lakeshore Advantage NETHERLANDS — Lakeshore Advantage Corp., an economic development organization serving Ottawa and Allegan counties, has revealed plans for a $15.3 million development in central Holland that would house a business incubator in … Read more

Tribute to Subumi Balogun, Entrepreneurial Banker, by Femi Otedola

Founder of First City Monument Bank (FCMB), Subomi Balogun I pray that the new generation of bankers will learn from their dean and understand more clearly the links between remittances and the economy. Banks cannot thrive without true entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs cannot accelerate growth without the leverage of supporting banks. Otunba MO Balogun (CON) was … Read more

10 shows tech startup enthusiasts must watch

Audiences always love series that offer a captivating blend of action, drama, and entrepreneurial spirit. This type of series is often found in shows that chronicle startups and founders as they offer a fascinating look into the high-stakes world of aspiring entrepreneurs as they navigate challenges and turn groundbreaking ideas into reality. From the boardrooms … Read more

The University at Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus administers the Entrepreneurship Program

The University at Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus has taken over an entrepreneurship program that was initially brought to the region two years ago by a Massachusetts-based nonprofit group. EforAll opened an office in Buffalo in May 2021, and initially ran the program, but Campus Medical led efforts to spin it off its national arm earlier … Read more

“Entrepreneurship is more difficult than a corporate job”

Kavita Madhvani is the co-founder of Fighter Shots, a line of health and immunity drinks. The Briton, 33, moved to Dubai from London in 2016. Ms. Madhvani worked in banking and finance for more than 10 years before starting the business. Fighter Shots was founded in the London Business School incubator program in 2019, Ms. … Read more

What I Learned About Employment Risks After Conducting 1,000 Interviews | by Daniel Razeh | May 2023

Let’s go through a non-exhaustive collection of pitfalls that you’ve also encountered and noticed in interview panels or while shadowing interviewers. prejudice There are many biases that can occur during the interview process. The most common ones that you should watch out for are: We tend to prefer people who have characteristics or traits like … Read more

Global shocks have put the African spirit of resilience to the test

© Alex Hahn It used to be that economies in Africa were seen as more vulnerable to turmoil than other regions. The finances of governments, corporations, and individual citizens alike have been exposed to external shocks ranging from Covid to food inflation caused by the war in Ukraine and the changing landscape of global interest … Read more

Early-stage startups Ulipsu, Thena and others are providing funding

Anirudh Swarnkar and Rohit Jain, founders of uFaber Edtech startups Ulipsu and uFaber, along with SaaS platforms Thena and Ticket 9, said they are looking to secure early-stage funding. Kidvento Education and Research Pvt Ltd, which operates education technology platform Ulipsu, has closed a pre-Series A funding round of $5.7 million (Rs. 47.13 crore). The … Read more