Top 15 Comic Book Picks of All Time, Ranked

the Character book The superhero genre has had massive success for years at this point, with special help from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Needless to say, the success that this cinematic genre has enjoyed can be attributed in large part to the cast who bring it to life. Comic book/superhero movies, which are inspired by … Read more

Brandon Taylor’s “Late Americans” lacks substance

Late Americans, directed by Brandon Taylor, is considered one of the most popular Projected books of the year. It follows Taylor’s acclaimed award-winning work, Filthy Animals Story Prize 2022and “Real Life”, which were both shortlisted for Booker Prize 2020, and borrows its themes. Like his previous books, Late Americans involves a group of creative students … Read more

“Rough Sleepers” explores the doctor’s motivation to help

Some amazing individuals make their mark on a national or international level, but there are others who make big and important contributions on a smaller stage. Dr. Jim O’Connell of Boston is one such mostly unknown individual. He has dedicated his career to serving “rough sleepers”, an old British term for individuals living abroad. Tracy … Read more

Ron DeSantis Inspires National Book Banning Movement

While vying for the Republican presidential nomination, Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis He touts a series of actions he has pushed that have led to a revival of banned or restricted books—not just in Florida schools but in a growing number of other conservative states. Florida last year became the first in a wave of red … Read more

Thousands of Brandon Sanderson books have been donated to West High School to promote literacy

Estimated reading time: 6-7 minutes Salt Lake City – Characters in bestselling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson’s books often face challenges ranging from duels to proving one’s honor and dedication to a cause – yet few individuals display greater dedication to a cause than Jared Cowan. Quan, chief outreach for the Utah Writers’ Association, helped ensure … Read more

How to book a Skiplag plane ticket and why you shouldn’t

Skiplagging is a risky decision as airlines become more aware of the strategy and actively penalize customers for doing so. iStock/Getty Images Skiplagging is the practice of booking an airline ticket with the intended stopover city as the destination. This strategy could save hundreds of passengers, but airlines hate the practice and can penalize customers … Read more

Blair’s father’s book chronicles life after the loss

Blair’s father’s journey of healing began by putting his grief on paper, and this comes after his teenage daughter died in a shootout with law enforcement in Oklahoma. Stephen Rauch’s newly published book 14 Bullets To Get You begins with the words of the chief of police who was shot by officers. “This was… probably … Read more