Pennsylvania nurse accused of killing two patients ‘by giving them lethal doses of insulin’

Heather Pressdy, 40, is accused of administering fatal doses of insulin to three men at Quality Life Services in Chicora, Pennsylvania. Two of the men died as a result of the overdose and all three were in Pressdy’s care at the time of the accidents, according to prosecutors. Pressdee alleged that one of the men … Read more

As shortages of cancer drugs grow, some doctors are having to ration doses or delay care

Widespread Shortage of cancer drugs They force doctors to make tough decisions about how to treat their patients, including rationing doses and switching to other treatment options with potential side effects. As of Wednesday, the US Food and Drug Administration has listed shortages of 14 cancer drugs. “The shortage in oncology is particularly critical,” FDA … Read more

A Pennsylvania nurse has been charged with killing two patients and injuring another with insulin injections

A Pennsylvania nurse is accused of administering fatal doses of insulin to two patients, the state attorney general said. Heather Erin Pressdy, 40, of Natrona Heights, allegedly gave patients “insulin overdoses” while a registered nurse at Quality Life Services, a skilled nursing facility in Chicora, the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office said in New release. A … Read more

Obesity has a bad reputation: Why it’s so hard for many to get new, expensive weight-loss drugs covered by insurance | Lehigh Valley Regional News

IMAUS, Pa. — Doctors have discovered that medications used for diabetics have been highly effective for those struggling to lose weight. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration recently approved the same type of medication that was originally prescribed to diabetics, specifically for weight control. But the out-of-pocket costs can be staggering, for those who … Read more

Gabapentin withdrawal: after one year

In my first article, I detailed my initial withdrawal experience with Gabapentin. If you recall, I was completely ignorant that gabapentin can cause physical dependence very quickly and lead to devastating withdrawal symptoms. Since stopping gabapentin I have, unfortunately, had to deal with withdrawal symptoms that have affected my daily life in some way almost … Read more

Pfizer’s Paxlovid remains free, for now, after the FDA grants full approval

The Biden administration will continue to administer the distribution of free courses of Pfizer’s Paxlovid treatment for COVID-19 for at least a few more months, the drugmaker said, even after the FDA. Granted Full approval of Pfizer Al-Khamis to market the pills. “At this time, the US government will continue to oversee the distribution of … Read more

Experimental weight-loss drugs aim to outpace stars like Ozembek and Yogovi

CNN – The new crop of drugs on the market for type 2 diabetes and obesity, including popular ones like Ozempic and Wegovy, are more effective for weight loss than any previous drugs, but doctors and researchers say there is still room for improvement. Next-generation options now under development may be easier and more convenient, … Read more

7 Ozempic Side Effects You Should Know, According to a Doctor

Ozempic side effects get almost as much attention as the drug itself (you may have heard of “Ozempic face.”) Intended for people with type 2 diabetes, Ozempic (which lists semaglutide as the main active ingredient) is an injectable medication that helps manage blood sugar. the blood. The drug, which is part of glucagon-like peptide 1 … Read more

Woman Who Lost 176lbs With Ozempic Competitor Monjaro Confused About Putting The Weight Back On When She Can’t Pay $1,000 A Month

Tara Rothenhofer started taking tirzepatide as part of a weight loss clinical trial, and lost 176 pounds from the drug. Now she worries about losing access to the property when the voucher expires in June.Courtesy of Tara Rothenhofer Terzipatide has the potential to be a hot new treatment for weight loss — but it can … Read more