Ketamine failed to outweigh the active placebo for depression

in A new study from Stanford UniversityWhen the researchers compared intravenous ketamine with an active placebo, the supposed rapid antidepressant effect of ketamine disappeared. Medication failed to beat placebo for treating depression. “A single dose of intravenous ketamine compared with placebo had no short-term effect on the severity of depressive symptoms in adults with major … Read more

Anesthesia can cause disturbing sexual hallucinations, resulting in permanent psychological trauma

(Conversation) – Some patients can be vivid and detailed Sexual hallucinations during anesthesia with sedative-hypnotic drugs Such as propofol, midazolam, diazepam and nitrous oxide. Some make suggestive or sexual comments or actions, such as grabbing or kissing medical professionals or touching themselves in a sexual way. Others wake up mistakenly believing they have been sexually … Read more

Should psychopaths be behind bars?

Drawing by Blake Cale “360” shows you diverse perspectives on today’s top stories and discussions. In the United States, jails and prisons are some of the largest providers of mental health care in the country. For decades, people with mental illness have been overrepresented in jails and prisons, with 2 out of 5 people incarcerated … Read more

Ketamine shows promise for hard-to-treat depression in a new study

New study He points out that for some patients, the anesthetic ketamine is a promising alternative to ECT, or ECT, and is currently one of the fastest and most effective treatments for patients with difficult-to-treat depression. The study is the largest direct comparison of the two treatments. Patients who do not respond to at least … Read more

Here’s what experts have to say about using ashwagandha as a stress reliever

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that we, as a society, get a little stressed out. Actually, it is American Psychological Association It found that 27% of Americans reported being too exhausted to work. So, it’s easy to see why any product that is said to help de-stress is so attractive to potential buyers. While … Read more

New research shows a link between cannabis and psychosis

(NewsNation) — As the legalization of recreational marijuana becomes more widespread, a growing body of research suggests there may be a potential link between the drug and serious mental health problems. There is concern about the possible link between cannabis, psychosis, and schizophrenia, and research suggests that young adults are most at risk. Laura and … Read more

Mental Health Awareness Month: How to live with the age of anxiety

sPeople are becoming more aware of their physical health, but mental health issues remain overlooked. Although the topic is often singled out, open discussions are still largely uncharted territory. One way to fight the taboo is to read more because awareness and information are the key to learning, understanding and accepting the nuances of mental … Read more

Chronic cannabis use increases the risk of major depression and bipolar disorder up to four times

A major study has found that chronic cannabis use significantly increases the risk of developing mental health problems and personality disorders. Research of more than 6.6 million people in Denmark found that those addicted to marijuana were up to four times more likely to develop major depression or bipolar disorder. They looked at people with … Read more