Is dark matter hiding in plain sight?

The ATLAS Collaboration has pioneered the search for near-visible jets, a possible signal of dark matter arising from dark quarks and gluons in the highly interacting dark sector. Despite the challenges and lack of direct results, this new research sets the first frontier for producing near-visual jets, paving the way for more precise searches for … Read more

The DNA of Decision Making Neuroscience News

summary: A new study has revealed a strange pattern of decision-making in mice, influenced by a specific gene called Arc. While foraging, the rats repeatedly visited an empty site rather than staying in a food-rich site. However, mice lacking the arc gene showed a more hands-on approach, sticking to the food-rich site, and thus consuming … Read more

How a Supreme Court ruling on wetlands might affect pollution and flooding

The Supreme Court’s decision to limit federal wetland regulations could have far-reaching implications for water in America. The ruling is expected to open the nation up to more water pollution, experts say. And not only that: they say it could make the country more vulnerable to flooding. The court on Thursday narrowed the federal government’s … Read more

NASA’s James Webb Telescope, Observatory releases satellite images

Technique by Andrew Wolfick, Fox Weather May 28, 2023 | 9:35 a.m NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the James Webb Space Telescope have joined forces to produce stunning composite images of the universe. The space agency recently released images that combine X-ray and infrared data to reveal objects invisible to humans. The four composite images … Read more

MIT researchers present a new computer vision system that turns any shiny object into a camera of sorts: enabling the observer to see around corners or behind obstacles. Valuable and often hidden information about a person’s immediate surroundings can be gained from the object’s reflection. By repurposing them as cameras, one can perform previously unimaginable feats, such as looking through walls or into the sky. This is challenging because many factors influence reflections, including object geometry, material properties, 3D environment, and observer … Read more

Top 5 neuroscience news stories of the week

summary: This week, research teams from around the world shared their fascinating findings from the field of neuroscience. The discoveries ranged from revealing how Botox penetrates neurons, to a study finding ‘supergrass’ with Alzheimer’s-like illnesses but with superior cognition. In addition, research has suggested an unexpected paternal genetic influence in autism spectrum disorder, and shared … Read more

Discovery of rare decay at the Large Hadron Collider

CERN’s ATLAS and CMS team has found preliminary evidence for the rare Higgs boson’s decay into a Z boson and a photon. The discovery, while not meeting traditional statistical significance, provides valuable insights and potential indirect evidence for undiscovered particles and physics outside the Standard Model. Credit: CERN ATLAS and CMS Collaboration Efforts to Create … Read more

How a single genetic mutation led to the most peaceful village on Earth

Photo illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Getty When I entered Dadkhai – a remote and picturesque hilltop village surrounded by the mighty Himalayas – the first thing I noticed was the silence. There are no children playing games and screaming loudly, no adults chattering, laughing and haggling, and no kind of loud noises you usually … Read more