How a Supreme Court ruling on wetlands might affect pollution and flooding

The Supreme Court’s decision to limit federal wetland regulations could have far-reaching implications for water in America. The ruling is expected to open the nation up to more water pollution, experts say. And not only that: they say it could make the country more vulnerable to flooding. The court on Thursday narrowed the federal government’s … Read more

“War for the Waters”: The drought battle reaches luxurious pools in the south of France

The flower-filled hilltop town of Kalyan, former home to the late fashion designer Christian Dior, has proven extremely attractive to affluent expats along with its 4,000 residents and 1,000 private pools. However, the mayor of the southern French city, François Cavallier, says the influx of second-home owners and tourists must stop — or risk draining … Read more

A new Montana law banning climate impact reviews has sparked a backlash from environmentalists

The federal government has made a push toward enacting policies that address climate change in recent years, but Montana lawmakers are bucking the trend, recently passing a law limiting climate impact reviews in the state. State Rep. Josh Casmir introduced last month House Bell 971An amendment to Montana’s Environmental Policy Act alters the review process … Read more

Antarctic currents supplying 40% of the deep ocean with nutrients and oxygen are in great slowdown

Rising temperatures are increasing the flow of less dense meltwater and slowing deep ocean currents in Antarctica. (Image credit: UniversalImagesGroup/Contributor) Deep ocean currents around Antarctica What’s vital to marine life has slowed by 30% since the 1990s and could soon stop altogether, a new study finds. These currents, known as Antarctic floor waters, power through … Read more

Underwater landslides caused by climate change could trigger giant tsunamis from the Antarctic

Climate change could unleash giant tsunamis in the Southern Ocean by causing underwater landslides in Antarctica, a new study warns. By drilling into sediment cores hundreds of feet below the seafloor in Antarctica, scientists have discovered that during earlier periods of global warming—between 3 million and 15 million years ago—loose sediment layers formed and slid … Read more

‘Worthless’: Research says the carbon offsets Chevron produces are mostly junk and some of it could hurt the climate crisis

A new investigation into Chevron’s Climate Pledge finds that the fossil fuel company relies on “junk” carbon offsets and “unviable” technologies, which do little to offset its massive greenhouse gas emissions, and in some cases may actually cause harm to communities. Chevron, which posted $35.5 billion in profits last year, is the second-largest fossil fuel … Read more