Derrick White made his way into Celtics history in Game 6: ‘All we can say is, Oh my God’

MIAMI – Right now Derek White’s layup landed in the basket, and his dad, Richard, couldn’t celebrate yet. Administrators still need to decide whether the return set will count. Few reviews weigh more than ever. If the umpires cancel the basket, Boston’s season will end in a fourth-quarter crushing collapse. If they determine which score … Read more

The Humble ‘Sticky Pad’ keeps NBA sneakers on the court

Miami Heat’s Gabe Vincent and Max Stross sat in their lockers side by side at Madison Square Garden an hour before the game against the Knicks. Strouse ate vegetables and rice, and Vincent put on his uniform after practicing shots. But Vincent paused when he heard Strouse talking about wiping the bottoms of his shoes … Read more

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Unbalanced NBA and NHL Playoff Series Leave Warner Bros Discovery, Disney Face Advertising Airball Despite Rising Ratings Deadline

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images After proudly waving their sports flags last week in their front courts to ad buyers, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery are in a scratching post with the NBA and National Hockey League playoffs. The conference finals in both basketball and hockey—which were broadcast by WBD’s TNT, Disney’s ESPN, and ABC—were notably lopsided. … Read more

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Nikola Jokic, no more appreciation for Nuggets. She is an NBA title favorite

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone had the exact same answer to the same question. What did two-time Nuggets MVP Nikola Jokic prove in the Western Conference Finals? “For me, it didn’t prove anything,” said Mallon. “And why would I say that? Because I already know … Read more

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Devin Booker’s silence raises questions about his mental state

The stars speak after the big matches. This is how it works in the NBA playoffs. LeBron James spoke after his team was knocked out of the Western Conference Finals and hinted at retirement. Joel Embiid spoke after the 76ers squandered a 3-2 series lead against the Celtics and threw most of his teammates under … Read more