Top wearables for Android and iPhone

When trying to figure out the best smartwatch for your needs, there are a lot of things to consider. Especially for those new to the area, putting a wearable on the wrist and opening up a new way to access notifications, apps, and fitness tracking can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, there are now plenty … Read more

Artificial intelligence and technology for family offices

Technology is ready to take over the family office landscape. AI was born Family offices have long been bastions of old-school financial management, and pride themselves on dedicated service, personal points of contact, and a hands-on approach. Today, however, a fresh breeze blows through the landscape of family offices. As digital transformation sweeps across industries, … Read more

Emerging Trends and Major Players – Jiangsu Ruipu Information Technology Co., Ltd. –

Market Intelligence Data is one of the leading market research companies in the world and is excited to announce a new update Internet Plus nursing services platform Market report 2023-2029, which covers all aspects of the market and provides updated data on current trends. The Internet Plus Nursing Services Platform Market report can help clients … Read more

The cognitive computing market size will exceed $175.8 billion by 2029

press release Posted May 29, 2023 Luton, Bedfordshire, UK – Cognitive Computing Market By Components (Platform, Service (Managed Services, Professional Services), Technology (Machine Learning (ML), Human-Computer Interaction (Computer Vision, Machine Vision, Robotics) Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning (Disruptive and Predictive) ) modeling, decision making) application (automation, intelligent virtual assistants, behavioral analysis, biometrics, others) deployment … Read more

Verizon customer claims she was scammed out of an Apple Watch deal

A woman claims a Verizon employee cheated her by offering a two-hour “reward” from Apple — which inflated her family’s cell phone bill. The video revealing the story featured TikTok user Meg (@meganmauk), who has nearly 216,000 followers on the platform, who claims, “I just got scammed at a Verizon store and my bill was … Read more

NVIDIA announces the DGX GH200 AI supercomputer

A new class of AI supercomputer connects 256 Grace Hopper Superchips to a massive, 1-Exaflop, 144TB GPU for generative AI-enabled giant models, recommendation systems, and data processing – ComputexNVIDIA today announced a new class of large-memory AI-powered supercomputers – the Nvidia DGX™ supercomputer powered by nvidia® GH200 Grace Hopper Super Chips and the NVIDIA NVLink® … Read more

What do you know this week

Next week investors should see concerns about the debt ceiling dissipate during a shortened holiday week. This week’s event will be interspersed with the May jobs report due on Friday as the focus shifts away from default concerns in the US and towards the upcoming Fed rate announcement on June 14th. Late Saturday, President Biden … Read more