Artificial intelligence and technology for family offices

Technology is ready to take over the family office landscape. AI was born Family offices have long been bastions of old-school financial management, and pride themselves on dedicated service, personal points of contact, and a hands-on approach. Today, however, a fresh breeze blows through the landscape of family offices. As digital transformation sweeps across industries, … Read more

NVIDIA announces the DGX GH200 AI supercomputer

A new class of AI supercomputer connects 256 Grace Hopper Superchips to a massive, 1-Exaflop, 144TB GPU for generative AI-enabled giant models, recommendation systems, and data processing – ComputexNVIDIA today announced a new class of large-memory AI-powered supercomputers – the Nvidia DGX™ supercomputer powered by nvidia® GH200 Grace Hopper Super Chips and the NVIDIA NVLink® … Read more

What do you know this week

Next week investors should see concerns about the debt ceiling dissipate during a shortened holiday week. This week’s event will be interspersed with the May jobs report due on Friday as the focus shifts away from default concerns in the US and towards the upcoming Fed rate announcement on June 14th. Late Saturday, President Biden … Read more

Artificial intelligence generates a TikTok video of Israeli lawmakers exchanging barbs

The viral craze that has been sweeping the internet for the past several months now has an Israeli twist. TikTok user Lil BB (@goldamemespt) recently uploaded a video to the popular social media platform featuring an AI-generated video with Israeli lawmakers Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, and Finance Minister Bezalel … Read more

Workers are terrified of artificial intelligence. What can they do about it?

Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway / The Daily Beast Times were hard in the early nineteenth century in England. The Napoleonic Wars destroyed the country’s economy. To save costs, wealthy textile mill owners replaced skilled craftsmen with automated machines to produce their goods. Workers fought back—literally—by raiding factories and destroying machinery in these mills in what … Read more

We asked AI to rewrite The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” — take a look at the result

Applications of artificial intelligence are expanding rapidly. For the first time, the music industry has begun to widely appreciate the potential effects of artificial intelligence. What happens to your songwriting skill when it boils down to typing a few keywords into a search engine and seeing what the bot comes up with? American Songwriter Videos … Read more

Helps find a new antibiotic drug to fight drug-resistant infections

Artificial intelligence technology has helped MIT and McMaster University researchers identify a new antibiotic, called Apocin, that is effective against it. Acinetobacter baumanniiIt is a hospital-borne, drug-resistant bacterium. The drug, which was discovered through a machine learning model, is of interest due to its narrow-spectrum efficacy and unique mechanism for disrupting lipoprotein trafficking within bacterial … Read more

An AI-produced movie that depicts human loneliness, in “Thank You for Not Answering”

In the first thirty seconds of the short film from director and artist Paul Trillo “Thank you for not answering“,” A woman looks out the window of a subway car that appears to have gone underwater. A man appears in the window swimming towards the car, his body materializing from the darkness and swirling water. … Read more

Twitch Star Amouranth wants AI to put trolls in their place

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from programs like the ChatGPT language processor and image generator DALL-E to AI-powered chatbots — and now, Twitch streamers are starting to take notice. Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, one of the biggest stars of the platform with over 6.4 million followers, It recently dropped its AI chatbot “To cater” to the fans, … Read more