An AI-produced movie that depicts human loneliness, in “Thank You for Not Answering”

In the first thirty seconds of the short film from director and artist Paul Trillo “Thank you for not answering“,” A woman looks out the window of a subway car that appears to have gone underwater. A man appears in the window swimming towards the car, his body materializing from the darkness and swirling water. … Read more

Twitch Star Amouranth wants AI to put trolls in their place

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from programs like the ChatGPT language processor and image generator DALL-E to AI-powered chatbots — and now, Twitch streamers are starting to take notice. Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, one of the biggest stars of the platform with over 6.4 million followers, It recently dropped its AI chatbot “To cater” to the fans, … Read more

Expanding innovation in genetics and precision medicine

The development of precision medicine Cech opened the discussion with his observations on the growth of precision medicine. “The cost of sequencing genetic information is falling dramatically, even faster than the rate of improvement in the cost of computing resources,” he said. As the cost of obtaining genetic data decreases, companies are developing and launching … Read more

The companies most – and least – exposed to AI

Artificial intelligence capabilities continue to advance at an astounding rate. The arrival of ChatGPT in particular only seems to have accelerated the adoption of AI technology in the day-to-day operations of businesses. But determining the effects of AI on business was anyone’s guess. So far. new research By comparing the amount of the workforce at … Read more

Activision Blizzard CEO says AI will be a big deal for gaming

There is always a new technology trend touted as the future. in 2021, It was NFTs. Last year, it was Metaverse. And now it’s artificial intelligence. Some of the largest game companies are already getting excited about the prospect of computer-generated graphics and text increasing their bottom line. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said this … Read more

How Europe is leading the world in building safeguards around AI

LONDON (AP) — Authorities around the world are racing to set rules for artificial intelligenceincluding in the European Union, where the bill faced a pivotal moment on Thursday. A European parliamentary committee has voted to strengthen a major legislative proposal as it heads towards passage, as part of a years-long effort by Brussels to put … Read more

A new AI tool may help predict the best treatments for CRC

Researchers have developed an AI machine learning platform that can predict prognosis and potential treatment response for patients colorectal cancer (CRC) using histopathological imagery, according to New study Posted in Nature Communications. Specifically, the tool can help doctors determine a “molecular diagnosis” based on a patient’s tumor and characteristics of the cancer, Kun Hsing Yu, … Read more

The Google I/O conference reveals the future of the Internet generated by artificial intelligence

Google’s annual I/O developer conference kicked off Wednesday with a very clear message: The search engine giant is all in on artificial intelligence. CEO Sundar Pichai and several senior executives at Google subsidiary Alphabet took to the stage to announce the introduction of AI into its suite of tools, as well as the launch of … Read more

The mass event will allow hackers to test the limits of AI technology

No sooner had ChatGPT been unleashed than hackers began “jailbreaking” the AI ​​chatbot – trying to bypass its protections so it could explode something that wasn’t flawed or obscene. But now its maker, OpenAI, and other major AI providers such as Google and Microsoft, are coordinating with the Biden administration. To allow thousands of hackers … Read more

What is architecture technology? How technology is changing the industry

What is architecture technology? How technology is changing the industry ETH Zurich / Concrete Choreography. Image © Benjamin Hoover Involved Involved Facebook Twitter mail pinterest WhatsApp or Professionals in the AEC industry are well aware of the issues that grapple with the built environment. The fact that the construction industry is the largest consumer … Read more