Bone Strength: 6 Essential Tips for Maintaining Strong Bones as You Age | health

As we get older, it becomes increasingly important to prioritize bone health as our bones naturally become weaker and more susceptible to fractures, osteoporosis, and other bone-related conditions. Fortunately, there are many simple and effective strategies that can help keep your bones strong and healthy as you age. Bone strength: 6 essential tips for maintaining … Read more

Chronic cannabis use increases the risk of major depression and bipolar disorder up to four times

A major study has found that chronic cannabis use significantly increases the risk of developing mental health problems and personality disorders. Research of more than 6.6 million people in Denmark found that those addicted to marijuana were up to four times more likely to develop major depression or bipolar disorder. They looked at people with … Read more

How the new EU incentives will help all patients get the best treatments

Drug manufacturers have historically focused their activity on large, high-value markets, leaving those in smaller countries to struggle to find the latest drugs. New EU legislation is designed to correct this imbalance. Medical advances can bring life-changing improvements, especially for those with long-term illnesses. Every year, new treatments are found that work better or have … Read more

Wegovy and Ozempic can be anti-addictive medications because they treat your drinking and shopping habits

Patients taking the popular weight-loss drug Wegovy have reported an extraordinary added benefit – they are free from other addictions that have been ruling their lives. Users across the country claim that their cravings for cigarettes and alcohol became less intense when they started taking the slimming injection. Others say that bad habits such as … Read more

The Omaha mom is playing the waiting game with the unpredictable price of her diabetes drug

The price of a popular diabetes drug is driving an Omaha woman into dependence on her daughter, as they fear the Mongaro weight loss benefit will increase demand and increase the price they have to pay. Dorothy Anderson received a prescription from her doctor for Mongaro earlier this year. . “I ended up in the … Read more

Woman shares how she maintained her weight after taking semaglutide for weight loss

He watches: What happens to your body when you stop taking weight loss drugs Teresa Shepherd said she lost 90 pounds while taking an unscented version of the drug Ozempic for about eight months. Shepard, who lives in Florida, told “Good Morning America” ​​that she was able to keep her weight off two months after … Read more

My husband passed away and she sent me HSA money. Do I have to pay taxes on it?

Posted: May 19, 2023 at 2:05 PM ET Dear Dan, My husband passed away on November 5th, 2022 and left no will, so I have established an estate with an EIN, and I am in charge as of December 5th, 2022. I found a health savings account in which I contacted HSA and after many … Read more

A Ukrainian trauma surgeon operates on soldiers all day amid the Russian war

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — As the chief trauma surgeon at a military hospital in the Ukrainian capital, Petro Nikitin has his hands deep in a war being fought hundreds of kilometers (miles) away. The 59-year-old doctor’s work repairing the bodies of some seriously wounded soldiers is all-consuming. “I’m just working,” Nikitin said, taking a brief … Read more

Schizophrenics’ symptoms grow due to disturbed sleep and alertness trends health

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and from Italy describe common patterns of sleep disturbances and irregularities in the circadian rhythm of rest and activity across patients with schizoaffective spectrum disorder, or SSD, in a paper just published in Molecular Psychiatry. Brain health: Symptoms of schizophrenics grow due to disturbed sleep and wakefulness trends? That’s … Read more