Dolly Parton, 77, is showing off her dapper figure after revealing she’s never hit the gym

Dolly Parton looked super skinny on Tuesday while on stage in Texas. Jolene’s hitmaker showed off her tiny waist and slim legs while she wore a form-fitting black outfit. The 77-year-old country music sensation — who is set to collaborate with Elton John — has been attending Dolly! Preview of the All Access Pop-Up Store … Read more

Is hypnotherapy the secret to turning you into a gym bunny?

Lying in a blanket, I am on the floor of a dark room flickering with artificial candles. There’s soothing spa music playing discreetly in the background as a woman with a gentle yet surprisingly powerful voice guides me downstairs. Not actual steps, I hasten to add, but “the metaphorical path to my subconscious mind.” This … Read more

From Carrying Lisbon to Athletic Bilbao – why will we misname international golf equipment?

After an entertaining 2-2 attract Portugal closing week, there’s a lot to sit up for within the go back leg between Arsenal and Carrying Lisbon. Inform that to any touring fan, and so they may not be at liberty. The game isn’t, as it’s ceaselessly referred to within the English-language press, ‘Carrying Lisbon’. They’re formally … Read more