Early-stage startups Ulipsu, Thena and others are providing funding

Anirudh Swarnkar and Rohit Jain, founders of uFaber Edtech startups Ulipsu and uFaber, along with SaaS platforms Thena and Ticket 9, said they are looking to secure early-stage funding. Kidvento Education and Research Pvt Ltd, which operates education technology platform Ulipsu, has closed a pre-Series A funding round of $5.7 million (Rs. 47.13 crore). The … Read more

Strategies for Indian startups to attract investors and secure financing

In India, securing venture capital (VC) funding has become a popular way to raise money and grow a business as investors are becoming quite selective about which startup they invest their money in. Hence, it is imperative for businessmen to navigate these turbulent waters and secure financing. In India, securing venture capital (VC) funding has … Read more

9 steps to putting your business idea into action

The opinions expressed by the shareholders of the entrepreneurs are their own. You just had a great idea for a startup. It’s been going through your head for months, and you just know you have something special on your hands. Your thinking is, “If only I could make it work” or “If only someone would … Read more

3 the explanation why herbal language processing will likely be mainstreamed this yr

Herbal Language Processing (NLP) is the facility of computer systems to know the terminology of human speech and written textual content. In healthcare, NLP is now increasingly more being followed because of its known talent to go looking, analyze, and interpret huge quantities of affected person knowledge. NLP generation has the facility to harness related … Read more