Need a reason to cut down on sugar? here 45

For decades, studies have linked high sugar intake to an increased risk of many health problems, including obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver and certain types of cancer. However, different study designs, different measurements of sugar intake and inconsistent results made it difficult to draw definitive conclusions about sugar and … Read more

A scientist called Cadbury Pornvita’s claims misleading: “The high sugar content…”

Dr. Abby Phillips, a hepatologist, said Cadbury Pornvita’s claims are misleading about muscle and bone growth, immune boosting, and brain development. “There are no controlled studies to show the same thing.” Amid the controversy surrounding Cadbury’s Bornvita, a scientist and liver specialist came forward Monday to say the company’s claims about a “healthy drink” promoting … Read more

The study found 45 negative health effects of added sugar

Subscribe to CNN’s Eat, But Better: Mediterranean Style. Our eight-part guide shows you the expert-backed, delicious eating lifestyle that will boost your health for life. CNN – A new study shows there are at least 45 good reasons to cut down on added sugar. Ample research has shown the negative effects of excessive sugar intake … Read more

Vineeta Singh is working a promotion for extra businesswomen

An IIT graduate, Vineeta Singh is the CEO of homegrown emblem SUGAR Cosmetics and a well known investor in Shark Tank India. She forays into the worlds of entrepreneurship, maternity and health together with her emblem SUGAR at the vanguard of all her accomplishments. Good looks isn’t one dimension suits all! On the other hand, … Read more