AI stock is making big profits

One of the most attractive bets for AI is to hide in plain sight. It’s a company everyone knows — a tech giant that has centered its business for years around the cloud and artificial intelligence. It also has one of the highest dividend yields in the tech sector. There are reasons for the market … Read more CEO ‘Declares Victory’ Despite Dividend Sale

To really get a sense of the market’s excitement – and fears – about the future of AI, look no further than And who has an AI bar. The stock has been a rocket ship this year, ending 2022 at just over $11, and trading just this week at $44. Even after giving up … Read more

AI stock rally halted. It is a return to reality for the markets.

The AI ​​boom, frenzy, hype, or whatever you want to call it, has been carrying the markets for weeks. A sector meltdown, downturn, or reality check (again up for debate) somewhat overshadows the relief the House passed the debt deal late Wednesday. The AI ​​stock rally has been so hot it was only a matter … Read more

Debt deal optimism, AI rally can’t hide market fears ahead of the weekend

A week can be a long time in the markets. Just a few days ago, the debt ceiling negotiations were looking so grim that President Joe Biden had to return from a G7 meeting in Japan early. Immediately after Washington predicted an improvement in US-China relations, Beijing declared semiconductors made by Micron a national security … Read more

Retirees shouldn’t take drastic steps because of the debt ceiling deadline

As the US nears its debt ceiling deadline, Dave Boniface has been fielding calls and emails from older clients. “The concern is escalating very quickly,” says Boniface, a financial advisor at Legacy Capital, a subsidiary of LPL Financial, in Forest Lake, Minnesota. Retirees worry about how the economy will fare if lawmakers can’t reach an … Read more

Future returns: Wealthy families tend to take riskier investments

One of the biggest differences between most investors and the multimillion-dollar family office is the latter’s ability to take on more risk, often by investing more money in long-term, less liquid investments. A survey of its richest families by Goldman Sachs last January—and recently released—revealed that 44% of their holdings are in alternatives, an allocation … Read more

The companies most – and least – exposed to AI

Artificial intelligence capabilities continue to advance at an astounding rate. The arrival of ChatGPT in particular only seems to have accelerated the adoption of AI technology in the day-to-day operations of businesses. But determining the effects of AI on business was anyone’s guess. So far. new research By comparing the amount of the workforce at … Read more

Audiobook narrators say AI is already starting to get out of the way

As people prepare for the devastating impact of artificial intelligence on jobs and daily life, those in the world of audiobooks say their field has really changed. AI has the ability to create human voice recordings — at assembly line speed — while bypassing at least a portion of the services of human professionals who … Read more

Dental insurance for retirees is not a big deal. Consider self-insurance.

Christina Povenmire is semi-retiring from her financial planning practice and is going into Medicare. She’s buying a supplemental plan that will pay nearly all of the costs that Medicare doesn’t. But she wouldn’t buy any insurance to cover the dental costs. “The cost of dental insurance premiums is not worth the benefit,” she said. Her … Read more