Author James Patterson says the liberal media is ignoring his new book, which tells stories about the lives of policemen

Prolific American author James Patterson says he’s had trouble getting invitations from networks like CNN and MSNBC to discuss his latest book. Walk the Line tells the stories of some American police officers Patterson believes that liberal networks have shifted away from covering the topic because they believe it is political Best-selling author James Patterson … Read more

A identified narcissist stocks 3 ways to let you know that you’re not a narcissist

Jacob Skidmore, higher referred to as The Anonymous Narcissist, has won 75,500 fans America-based writer stocks clips that destigmatize persona issues His newest video unearths the indicators that you’re not a narcissist A identified narcissist candidly printed the 3 tell-tale indicators that you simply would not have the situation. Jacob Skidmore, aka The Anonymous Narcissist, … Read more

Boris Becker problems a caution to Prince Harry, telling him ‘marriages do not closing ceaselessly’

The 3-time Wimbledon champion has been discovered in charge of concealing belongings price £2.5m Baker, 55, described London’s infamous HMB Wandsworth as a “s***hollow” He informed disgraced tennis legend Boris Becker about his time within two ‘brutal’ prisons – however did not take duty for the chapter rip-off that put him there. The 3-time Wimbledon … Read more