AI stock is making big profits

One of the most attractive bets for AI is to hide in plain sight. It’s a company everyone knows — a tech giant that has centered its business for years around the cloud and artificial intelligence. It also has one of the highest dividend yields in the tech sector. There are reasons for the market … Read more CEO ‘Declares Victory’ Despite Dividend Sale

To really get a sense of the market’s excitement – and fears – about the future of AI, look no further than And who has an AI bar. The stock has been a rocket ship this year, ending 2022 at just over $11, and trading just this week at $44. Even after giving up … Read more

We often don’t notice the walls around our beautiful internet playgrounds – The Irish Times

Over the weekend, I downloaded Apple’s catchy new classical music app. That also included subscribing to Apple Music, and taking another step into Apple’s massive walled garden. The walled digital garden is a closed ecosystem, where technology, information, and user data are controlled by a gatekeeper company. The first time I heard the term applied … Read more

Why Musk signed a letter to pause artificial intelligence – it may be strategic

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is Connection To stop training AI systems stronger than GPT-4 for six months. He takes a wary view of new and evolving technology. wait what? We were under the impression that Musk was a big supporter of AI. His car company, Tesla (ticker symbol: TSLA), wants to be an AI company … Read more

The FTC is having a look ahead to a brand new objective: cloud computing

Virtually misplaced this week within the cross-currents of a TikTok consultation, the release of a number of AI techniques, and banking turmoil, was once the scoop that the Federal Industry Fee had a brand new technical goal in its attractions: cloud computing. Whilst this procedure is solely starting, the FTC’s rising pastime within the matter … Read more