Stocks, Fed reaction, ECB rate decision

50 minutes ago Hugo Boss: We’re seeing double digit growth in every region Yves Muller, Chief Financial Officer of Hugo Boss, explains why it has increased its focus on profitability. 2 hours ago German exports fell more than expected in March Germany exported 129.7 billion euros ($143.4 billion) worth of goods in March, down 5.2% … Read more

China markets fell 2%, which led to losses in the Asia-Pacific region; Core inflation in Japan is flat

2 hours ago Mining firms produce ‘fracking’ results but weak iron ore prices could hit markets: Analyst Major iron ore companies such as Rio Tinto and BHP have produced “cracking results,” but the best iron ore production may be behind them, said Xu & Co. chief investment officer, Martin Crabbe. “Despite labor shortages, weather issues, … Read more

Asia Pacific markets are mostly higher as more data points to slowing inflation in the US

2 hours ago Australia says China’s revision of its barley import rules is a crucial “first step” in improving relations Australian Trade Minister Don Farrell told CNBC that China’s agreement to review restrictions on importing barley from Australia is an important first step in improving the strained bilateral relationship. Australian Department of Foreign Affairs It … Read more

CNBC Daily Open: Back to reality

Alexandre Spatari | moment | Getty Images This report is from today’s CNBC Daily Open, the new newsletter for international markets. The CNBC Daily Open updates investors everything they need to know quickly, no matter where they are. Like what do you see? You can subscribe here. All eyes on inflation. We look forward to … Read more

European markets open for closing, earnings, data and news

54 minutes ago A strategist says we are not facing a banking crisis “Bank pressures of the past several weeks have narrowed their runway for a soft landing,” says Gene Frieda, executive vice president and global strategy at Pimco. one hour ago De Moli of Ambrosetti says the SVB is “perhaps the first in a … Read more