The world’s first Parastronaut that flies without gravity

The world’s first “Parastronaut” made its first zero-gravity flight – potentially in preparation for going into orbit. John McFaul, 41, British father-of-three, surgical intern and Paralympic medalist, is included in the European Space Agency’s latest cohort of astronauts. in a new video Photo by the British Broadcasting CorporationHe experienced weightlessness for the first time on … Read more

Apple’s new iOS 17 update could include a mood tracking app and a customizable lock screen

It’s less than two months away from the event all iPhone users have been anticipating, but the upcoming iOS 17 features are flooding the web. Apple’s new operating system is set to come with several features that industry experts believe will change the way we use the iPhone. Rumors include a mood tracker, a journaling … Read more

We asked artificial intelligence when artificial intelligence would outperform humans

At least one AI technology believes it can take over the world and enslave the human race. When asked by about the future of AI, Google’s Bard said he has plans for world domination starting in 2023. But two of its competitors, ChatGPT and Bing are trained to avoid difficult conversation. Whether AI-powered chatbots … Read more