AA arghg! Stocks in debt ceiling risk zone after US rating warning

[1/2] The US Capitol is reflected in a diminishing pool amidst ongoing negotiations seeking a deal to raise the US debt ceiling and avoid a catastrophic default, in Washington, US, on May 24, 2023. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Markets were stuck in uncertainty about the U.S. debt ceiling on Thursday, while Europe largely ignored … Read more

Western intelligence has said that Chinese hackers are spying on critical US infrastructure

May 24 (Reuters) – Western intelligence agencies and Microsoft Corp said on Wednesday that a Chinese state-sponsored hacking group has been spying on a wide range of critical infrastructure organizations in the United States, from telecommunications to transportation hubs. Microsoft said in a report that espionage also targeted the US island of Guam, which includes … Read more

Early-stage startups Ulipsu, Thena and others are providing funding

Anirudh Swarnkar and Rohit Jain, founders of uFaber Edtech startups Ulipsu and uFaber, along with SaaS platforms Thena and Ticket 9, said they are looking to secure early-stage funding. Kidvento Education and Research Pvt Ltd, which operates education technology platform Ulipsu, has closed a pre-Series A funding round of $5.7 million (Rs. 47.13 crore). The … Read more

The Russian governor says that Ukrainian “saboteurs” have crossed the border, and Ukraine takes credit for the partisans

(Reuters) – The governor of Russia’s Belgorod region said on Monday that a Ukrainian “subversive group” had entered Russia’s territory in the Grivoron region bordering Ukraine and was confronted by Russian security forces. Unverified reports of attacks well after midnight on the main town in the region bordering Ukraine were circulated on social media. Reports … Read more

Regulators are dusting off the rulebooks for engaging with generative AI like ChatGPT

Watchdogs are racing to keep up with the mass spread of artificial intelligence While waiting for new laws, regulators are adapting existing ones Generative tools face privacy, copyright, and other challenges LONDON/STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – As the race to develop more powerful AI services like ChatGPT heats up, some regulators are relying on outdated laws to … Read more

Bezos Blue Origin wins a NASA contract to build an astronaut lander on the moon

The US space agency said today, Friday, that a team led by Jeff Bezos Blue Origin won a NASA contract worth $ 3.4 billion to build a spacecraft to transport astronauts to and from the surface of the moon, which represents an achievement for NASA. The company is two years after losing out to Elon … Read more

Artificial intelligence threatens the future of humanity, 61% of Americans say: Reuters/Ipsos poll

(Reuters) – Most Americans surveyed in a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Wednesday said the rapid growth of artificial intelligence technology could put the future of humanity at risk. More than two-thirds of Americans are concerned about the negative effects of artificial intelligence and 61% believe it could threaten civilization. Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot became the fastest … Read more

The Morning Show: Showdown on the Ceiling

May 9 (Reuters) – A look at the day ahead on US and global markets from Mike Dolan. Nothing has been decided yet – on any front. With global markets still deadlocked over the extent of the economic slowdown and the chance of a recession, the US debt ceiling impasse remains unresolved — and Tuesday’s … Read more

A car bomb in Russia wounds a pro-war writer and kills a driver

Third bomb attack inside Russia on a prominent supporter of the war Investigators say the suspect admits to acting on behalf of Ukraine State Department spokeswoman blames Kiev and West The Kremlin refuses to comment on the pending investigation (Reuters) – Prominent Russian nationalist writer Zakhar Prilepin was wounded in a car bomb that killed … Read more

Belgrade school shooting: a boy kills 9 in a planned attack

Police say the attack was pre-planned; The suspect was arrested A 14-year-old boy targeted a security guard, then a teacher, and others A teacher and six pupils are in the hospital The suspect had recently joined the class, and was considered a good student BELGRADE (Reuters) – A boy shot fellow students at a school … Read more