Why are more Americans going to therapy?

The number of Americans seeking mental health treatment is twice as high as it was two decades ago—reflecting a recent historic decline in mental health but also an increase in access to virtual care and a positive trend of destigmatization. In 2004, only 13 percent of adults said they had seen a therapist, psychiatrist, or … Read more

Should I go to therapy? 10 questions to determine if treatment is right for you

We can all agree that making big changes that are good for you is a great idea. One of these changes could be major, such as getting help for an addiction, eating disorder, or mental health crisis. Or it could be something on a smaller scale, like gaining more confidence or learning better coping strategies. … Read more

The writer’s plea of ​​armed “treatment and speaking” is controversial

Thanks to TikTok and the current age of social media that the use of technology has brought us to, anyone with a smartphone and at least one social media platform they download is beholden to whatever new “trend” is, and for now, that “arms therapy.” Thanks recently Article from BustleAnd Twitter and TikTok are abuzz … Read more

The Oklahoma Well being Data Alternate regulations encourage privateness and price issues

OKLAHOMA CITY – Anje Newnam expects to look fewer sufferers if the state adopts insurance policies that require psychological well being pros to take part in statewide well being knowledge exchanges. Mentioning issues about disclosure of sufferers’ private knowledge, the approved skilled counselor and faculty psychologist at Companions in Wellness in Tulsa stated she would … Read more

Season 1, Episodes 5, “Woof”

Jessica Williams and Christa Miller shrankimage: + Apple TV It’s going to have taken 5 episodes, however I am glad to document that shrank He gave us (after all!) some counseling classes that handled the advanced nature of what it method to do “paintings”. As it labored – or it will have to be. Which … Read more