MLB’s 5 Wildest Stats of 2023 (So Far), From Aaron Judge to That Outrageous A

Hey, happy June out there! I love Juneā€”and not just because it’s finally safe to head to the playground without packing four extra layers. I love June because it’s finally safe to watch another baseball season and think: Things happen! And if it keeps happening, we’ll remember those things for a long time. So, in … Read more

Sarris: What’s up with that guy, PT. 2 – Checking seven struggling hitters

Hey, it worked last week with pitchers, so let’s do it again this week with hitters. Go where the people are. Here are bats ranked in the top 100 by Yahoo in the preseason who are healthy, have managed 150 bats, and are currently ranked worse than 200 by Yahoo’s algorithm. They have been struggling. … Read more